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The skin, an organ to understand the universe.

You may be wondering where I’m going with this infinite thought, this misunderstanding of individuality and this infinity, so here we are.

The autistic is like a blind man in the direct world. Imagine that you forget the limits of the Earth, let yourself be carried away by the infinity of the universe. All earthly elements will not be significant. You fear for yourself, for your people, for your race, you are afraid for your planet? But what is these things? It’s your DNA who is talking, and the survival instinct that drives it. Like a tree struggling against the wind, you are struggling to keep your body alive, but don’t you have some DNA of the universe? When they believe that the universe appeared in the very Christian Big Bang, when they believe that only they are alive, and that only Earth contains life, as desired by Christianity, the humans are totally locked, or perhaps are they have been locked and thus could they believe such things.

What is life? We are a part of the Earth, and we participate in its special breathing, but then, can we not say that it is the Earth that lives? This is a question of perspective. That was identified as DNA is a type of life, just as animals are a different life type compared to plants (with a brain). In fact, everything which has a temporal velocity is alive. The planets are all living, either they look like the Earth or not. The stars are all alive. Everything is life. If you think so, you have a much less cramped and fearful vision of the universe. No life is lost, everything is moving. The only thing that seems to be lost today is the human ability to grasp the infinite, and to communicate with or hear the other types of life.

Get out in the countryside, on a clear night and you’ll be drawn in by the beauty of the watery abyss of the sky. You will feel a deep harmony and well-being, the same as the one you feel when you are hearing to a beautiful piece of music or when you are standing before a harmonious scene. But what is really happenning?
As explained before, we often criticize the senses of the human being, emphasizing their mediocrity and highlighting the fact that in any case it is primitive tools that the human being is released from. It is possible to think quite differently. If we break us free from the beloved theory of evolution and if we stop thinking that human beings are growing from a primitive animal to a human condition, we are already seeing things differently. No, the human beings do not have a very good sense of smell, and their sight is relatively weak. Their hearing is correct. So what hides a so big brain ? The thought, say, yes, but we think from what we perceive.

The human being is totally naked. This is absurd, there is no greater aberration in nature. Any naken European in the European winter would quickly die without knowledge and intelligence. Our skin offer almost no protection, and this is especially true for women and children who sometimes have very thin skin. The irony is that the people with the finest and less greasy skin are those who historically lived in the harshest conditions : in Europe. Our skin suffers from absolutely all : the cold, hot, water, scratches and other injuries, plants. Even nettles is for us a suffering, while many animals tolerate them well. So why?
More radiation passes through white skin than through dark skin. The same more the skin is thin, and it is the same about the eyes. White skin, as we know, is sensitive to UV, which are invisible waves emitted by stars. And what if it was not all? What if the skin was our ally in the perception of the harmony of the universe? I’ve never seen an animal look up at night and watch the stars, amazed, as I am unable to recognize the countless odors they can remember.

If the radiation type X or gamma rays can destroy the cells, they are also invisible radiation (UV and IR) and visible (light) that cause aging of the skin, and this is why people with white and thin skin and seem faster older or wrinkled than people with dark skin, even if they live on less exposed continent (Europe against Africa, for example).

In fact, we are easily fascinated by the stars before looking up. Looking up is as obvious. We are constantly traversed by the waves of the universe, so why would we not perceive them? What if that was the thought? And what if artistic creation was a translation of the harmony of the universe?
It is an obvious deciphering to the human being, who, in a scientific purpose, translate radio waves and waves of the universe in the form of sound. This is one way as another to transcribe or write down. If we imagine that this ability has decreased over time, with and because of hybridization, but that the instinct or the need for that listening and understanding has remained, at least partially, we can understand the imbalance. Artists create because they feel that something is missing. They are unbalanced (no pejorative connotation). They are feeling but not entirely, they are seeing, and that is why they transcribe: to avoid losing.


voie lactée


Why did we invente the camera? In the continuity of art, why are we collecting landscapes and sensational moments? What is wrong with us? We do not feel fast enough, and we do not feel all we should feel. We would like to see everything at the same time, the infinitely small and the infinitely large, the slowed down and the speeded up. What we call religious “inspiration” is none other than the perception of our most developed sense: touch and its derivatives, which collects and sees the harmony of the universe. There is no barrier between the world and us. The entire surface of our skin is nervous and this is the most powerful organ of our body. Of course the color is essential, and much more than the fur of an animal, but also its smoothness, transparency, and undoubtedly other invisible factors.



All our history suggests that our ancestors were not limited only to the Earth, and that, more than we are, they felt they were inhabitants of the infinite universe. More than we now are, they were aware of the steady transformation of the universe, and it is their religion and philosophy that I invite you to understand today, far from the clichés.

Through the descriptions I will do in this new chapter, you will be able to understand ALL the European rituals, myths and tales. The center of this understanding is the cult of the bear, known in the late Neanderthals and the first Cro-Magnons, it was the first world religion. Established in a transition period, that religion was not a superstition, it was a solution to keep the honorable capacities of the human being, and the knowledge of the world that was lost as a result of hybridization.

You’ve heard of Atlantis, and you probably even know the story. It has been criticized because poorly understood. We made with it an esoteric tale, although his story comes from the most solid source of the history of philosophy: Plato.
Atlantis has been searched everywhere. It was recognized in all sorts of places on Earth, we saw the right history in all kinds of ages. Without success. True to their obsession of modern humans, they only look under their feet, to the right, to the left. And no one has ever looked up. No, because it would not have had any meaning. Yet, we know this « island » is in the sea, in the west, beyond the columns of Hercules. So let us gather all that we know, to understand, because this story, as explained by the Ancient Egyptians, will give you the beginning of the full understanding of prehistoric religion, of our history, and of all the European myths.


Classic representation of the central city on the continent Atlantis

Classic representation of the central city on the continent Atlantis


The Egyptians, who called themselves descendants of the Atlanteans (source : Solon) called the universe “the watery abyss of the sky”. The universe, the place where you can not breathe, and where you fleet if you do not fall into this kind of vortex that is gravity. Indeed, the universe is such an endless watery abyss.




Here’s an example, taken from the Book of the Dead (translated by Adam Wallis Budge), which has served as the basis for the ForeBears’ film (Here can you read “the forebears’ story”):

Thou art the One god who came into being in the beginning of time. Thou didst create the earth, thou didst fashion man, thou didst make the watery abyss of the sky, thou didst form Hapi [the Nile], and thou art the maker of streams and of the great deep, and thou givest life to all that is therein

Thou dost pass over and travellest through untold spaces of millions and hundreds of thousands of years; thou settest out in peace, and thou steerest thy way across the watery abyss to the place which thou lovest; this thou doest in one little moment of time, and thou dost sink down and makest an end of the hours.




If you read the description of Atlantis by Plato, and as I will demonstrate, you will understand that it can not be a natural island as we know it on Earth. Some saw in it an artificial island and the proof of an incredible modern technology. But the full description of the plan and the rules that govern the island remind you maybe of something?


Formation of the solar system from a nebula

Formation of the solar system from a nebula


Here are a part of the text of the Critias by Plato describing Atlantis. I bolded the significant passages and added some significant differences found in another translation I’m working on (please note that I am not originally working in english but with several translation to french):