B. The invisible light: An infinite cosmogonic and cosmological model (en)


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1. The infinite thought

a. A bit of philosophy…

As we saw earlier, the autistic person, and by extrapolation probably our ancestor, has an infinite sensory perception. Infinite sensoriality, perception and thought, as in autism, these three concepts are inseparable. To simplify, the autistic person is sometimes the other, and the other is him, and that because of his infinite sensory perception.

I remember as a little girl, that I asked myself the following question: Why I can not see what others see, control their arms, legs, mouth, eyes, why I’m not the other, and why I’m me?

It was a question that haunted me. Not that I did not accept the individuality of others, or their actions, or some selfish thought. No, this is indeed one of my earliest memories, and it was not selfish. I did not want the other to act as I wanted, but I wanted to understand what was the barrier of individuality, and what was doing that I was me and not another, even beyond the body, just in thought.

Nobody has ever responded. They at best have ignored the question, and they at worst thought I was very weird.

Yet it is an essential question.

The next question I asked as a child before I understood it was better that I remain silent was about the infinity. Yes! the universe had to be infinite. It could not be otherwise. And they answered as follows: “But there is nothing on the outside” “Nothing?” I continued, “How can you have « nothing »?”, ” « Nothing » is something…” “No”, they told me very sure, “there is a finite universe, and on the outside there is nothing.” “Okay”, I said, “but then, it is to play on words, if you call ” universe ” “the totally all”, then it is infinite. I mean, the universe and the nothing outside, it is infinite, then what you call “nothing” is “infinity””.
They made ​​me realize that it was better that I concentrate on my reading books, and that they did not want to hear anything more.

Yet it is an essential question.

People are busy in their small lives and they forget the essential questions.

Especially, especially they need finitude. I understood that later. Many people need finitude. Infinity is vertigo. Even if a logical mind requires you to understand that the universe is infinite, we hear everywhere about its spatial and temporal finitude, its beginning and its end, no matter what is eventually before, after, or outside.

In fact, this is the major difference with our ancestors. Post-pagan religions (including science) have a beginning and an end. Religion gave us Genesis and science gave us the Big Bang. No matter whether the Big Bang was, then it was something before, it is just bickering about words. But no we are told that nothing is less certain. Before, it was nothing, and basta.
They have to respond quickly to this issue. No matter what. God created mankind. Ah! we are laughing today. The creationists are idiots, say the evolutionists. But…

Yet they believe exactly to the same thing, they make it only less visible when speaking of very early times, atomic explosion, the infinitely small, bacteria and fish, etc.. Just like a human child in the womb of his mother, but the new is supposedly real. In fact, it is chicken and egg. Before, we had the chicken, now we have the egg (which has the advantage of make us to believe, that as it is evolution, everything in the future and every “progress” is necessarily better, when it is in fact simply the well field of religion, but that is political ramblings). We have absolutely no proof. This is not because there were dinosaurs on Earth, or some fish, that we are coming directly from them. This is not because there were dinosaurs that they existed before them only some bacteria. Otherwise it would have been a kind of Earthling pregnancy, where God would have planted his seed. And if it was not like that?
Let us remain critical.

You have guessed it, this series of articles is concerned with both religion and astrophysics.

We can read the writings of the ancients to see what they thought, but locked in our obsession of finitude, it is difficult to understand the deep roots of this religion.
In ancient Egypt, and in antiquity, the paganism had already lost some of its substance, because, it is my assumption, some people had already lost their ability to communicate with the world and with the whole all, and, unable to really grasp this one, but able to glimpse it slightly, they got scared, and gradually they needed to believe in a false finitude. They applied the model of their own finitude in the whole all around them.

It is clear that probably all the mass objects of the universe have a finite temporal and geographical life, but when it comes to the universe itself, the logic tells us the opposite.

Vertigo ?

You can sweep away everything you know about the universe (or almost), the Big Bang, the speed of light, dark matter, dark energy, spacetime, etc.., I will put my hypothesis in relation to these observations in the second part of the article.

b. The infinite universe, time and instant

You can not see the infinite, because you are not going fast enough. To see the infinite, and to fathom it totally, you should move to an absolute velocity or speed. You would have to be at this instant everywhere simultaneously. You would have been able to move faster than light, faster than anything in fact. The logic tells us that the universe, the whole all is infinite, geographically and temporally, but we can not see or fathom it, our senses can not perceive it, because we can not travel to an absolute speed, or if you prefer : we cannot be everywhere simultaneously at the same instant.

In fact, if you are an individual in an instant named T0, you go through your life with with a certain temporal velocity, whether individually perceived or objectively measured in units of time (T1, T2, T3, etc.)., but you can not move at the same pace in all directions geographically.
That is why if a luminous object in T0 is some distance away from you, you will see it as it was in T0 (or in your T0), while you yourself are in T1. The photon of light (not the luminous object which is a mass object and which are emitting photons of light) traveled from T0 to T1 in your direction, and it comes to you in T1 while you perceive it as the image of the object which emited it when it emits that photon in T0. If the object continues to emit photons of light, you will receive these photons of light it emited in T1 when you are in T2 (they will have reached you in T2), etc.

If the object stops emitting light (photons) in T2, you will notice the absence of light only then you are in T3, etc.

The other aspect of this image is the time. If you say “instant”, you’ve already gone to the next. You never can stop your time. Infact, it exists only the instant. The past does not exist, it is an image, because when you are thinking about the past, you actually only have a memory of the past which is now, in the instant, refreshed in the memory, “past” is not the true past time, and it exists only in the instant, or what we usually call the present. About the future, it is in the mind, just a logical exercise, in the instant of course.

So you are frozen in a human and earthborn time, the time of your life, or what I call temporal velocity, you somehow are jumping from instant to instant.

In fact, it is possible to see that geographically. What is happening is not that the time itself is not eternal but finite, but it is that we can not move infinitely in an instant. This is the same, but it is important to note that the two point of view are possible.

If you could move to an absolute speed in all directions, temporally, so you would yourself be infinite, the whole All, or God.

Specifically, the definition of God is this one, and the physical visible element which is nearest God is light, and we, we are made ​​of stardust, exploded stars, super-novae, such as the thigh of Orion…
The thigh of Orion? Or the thigh of the red bloody goddess Sah (the consort of the star Sirius, the goddess Sothis)?

Orion was not a man but a woman, who gave birth, bleeding on his thigh, to the substance of the Gods. She died (Semele) and was represented as a man (Zeus), because the light does not have any gender and that is why is Dionysus came from the thigh of Zeus, the bloody thigh of the constellation of Orion.




Grande nébuleuse d'Orion (M42)

Grande nébuleuse d’Orion (M42)

We are aware of what produces the light, and it seems that we also radiate like stars. Life is a kind of radiation.

In fact, what is radiation, otherwise one of the few forces that attempt to defy gravity?